Mike Watt      

1969 (Parts I & II): A Tribute To Scott Asheton Yellow & Blue/Black 7 Inch

Larry Mullins (aka Toby Dammit) and Mike Watt team up for a tribute to the late Scott Asheton, founding member and original drummer of The Stooges. Mullins and Watt previously played together in the most recent iteration of The Stooges. The seven inch vinyl release features their take on The Stooges’ “1969”, divided into two parts. The single was exclusively available for Record Store Day Black Friday 2019, until now. Half of the pressing comes on a blue and yellow split color vinyl, with the other half on standard black vinyl. The two editions will be randomly mixed, so you’re in for a surprise.

  1. 1969 (Part 1)
  2. 1969 (Part 2)

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