Unwilling To Explain Purple

Unknown Instructors      

Unwilling To Explain Purple

Dan McGuire • Vocals
J Mascis • Guitar
George Hurley • Drums
Mike Watt • Bass

Also on board:
Joe Baiza • Co-Vocals for 2, 6 and 8
Stephen Perkins • Percussion on 3 and 6
Dan Wenninger • Saxophone on 6 and 9
Stephan Haluska • Harp on 3
Leah Jenssen • Cello on 2

• Mike Watt recorded his bass at tHUNDERpANTS in San Pedro, CA during December of 2011
• Mike Watt recorded George Hurley’s drums at Casa Hanzo in San Pedro, CA during January of 2012, Pete Mazich helped him
• J Mascis recorded his guitar at Bisquiteen in Amherst, MA during April of 2015, Marc Seedorf helped him
• Dan McGuire recorded his vocals at Cleanest Dirty Shirt in Toledo, OH during July of 2016
• Mike Watt mixed this at tHUNDERpANTS in San Pedro, CA during September/October of 2018
• Dan McGuire and Mike Watt produced this
• Dave Gardner mastered this at Infrasonic Mastering
• Dan McGuire and Mike Watt wrote all the songs (?2019 Prestidigitation [ASCAP] and. tHUNDERsPIELS [BMI]) except for all the words on 1 (Robert Frost) and half the words on 6 (Lou Reed)
• Mike Watt took the front cover photo
• Joff Jones did the back cover painting “Lost” and the inside paintings “Analog” and “Passenger”

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Track List:
1. Acquainted with the Night
2. Ballad of the Unknown Instructors
3. Election Day in Satchidananda
4. Hand in Hand
5. Out in the Cold
6. You Already Know
7. Initiation
8. The Hero
9. The Patriot

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