Mindfulness Clear 2xLP

William Hooker      

Mindfulness Clear 2xLP

Recorded live at Slim’s in San Francisco, Mindfulness is the brilliant soundscape created by drummer William Hooker, along with Glenn Spearman on tenor saxophone and DJ Olive. The five Hooker compositions flow into each other, one after another, seamlessly, as if to take the listener on a musical voyage through time and space. The layers of vibrant sound, accompanied by trashing drums and shrieking sax show the incredible ability of each musician to take their instrumental vocabulary to a new level. The album receives its first ever vinyl release with this clear 2xLP pressing, featuring two unreleased bonus tracks, preivously only for Record Store Day, but now widely available.

  1. 1. Solemn Breath: Knowledge/In This Earth-Body
  2. 2. Flow-RT. 1 (Awake)
  3. 3. Principle of Duality
  4. 4. Living Organs-Parallel Planes
  5. 5. Archetypal Space
  6. History And Futures
  7. Architecture (The Book Of Numbers)

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