Symphonie Of Flowers

William Hooker      

Symphonie Of Flowers

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William Hooker has been recognized as one of the most innovative musicians and drummers of his generation, leading a variety of ensembles within the worlds of free jazz, experimental, and new music. Hooker's prior collaborators range from avant garde jazz musicians to indie rock legends like Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth. On his latest work, “Symphonie of Flowers”, Hooker weaves three sections into a whole, or a “symphonie” of sorts. As he says, “the piece begins and ends with the drum…my instrument. Its rhythm and variations of timbre are the stabilizing element.”
A1 Chain Gangs
A2 Freedom Riders
B1 Rastafarian
B2 Mud Cloth
C1 Jazz
C2 Soul
D1 Hieroglyphics

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