Pale Mirror Black

Blue Glass      

Pale Mirror Black

Cut from the Thatcher-era, post-punk cloth and steeped in the romantic chill of the Pacific Northwest, Pale Mirror is a catchy, melancholic ode to isolation and longing that only certain latitudes tend to produce. Owing to Influences like The Cure, The Cocteau Twins, The Chills, early OMD and The Wake - Blue Glass takes a step Into the ethereal on Pale Mirror. Seasick guitar lines and synth-laden melodies swim around the lean and pulsating edge-of-clean bass and drums to deliver a driving, energetic and introspective album.

Track List:
A1. don’t think twice
A2. sleep
A3. we loved the rain
A4. hometown highs
A5. don’t call
B1. all night
B2. incantations
B3. out of time
B4. you won’t stay

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