Primal Prayer

Beverly Glenn-Copeland      

Primal Prayer

Throughout a fifty year recording career, Glenn Copeland's music has defied categorization and genre. He is delighted to announce the forthcoming re-issue of his extraordinary but little-known album, 'Primal Prayer.' Primal Prayer was originally self-released in 2004 under the nom de plume 'Phynix' to a small but appreciative audience. It's 8 tracks are a rhythmically complex and wildly creative fusion of jazz, world, dance and classical genres.

  1. La Vita
  2. Back to Bachland
  3. Heaven In Your Heart
  4. On the Road
  5. This Side of Grace
  6. In the Image
  7. Primal Prayer
  8. Between the Veils
  9. A Little Talk
  10. A Song and Many Moons

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