Rockin' The Suburbs Black Vinyl 2Xlp

Ben Folds      

Rockin' The Suburbs Black Vinyl 2Xlp

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Rockin' the Suburbs is Ben Folds' first solo album after leaving Ben Folds Five. The album was well received by fans and critics alike and is home to the title cut which is Folds' only single to chart on the Billboard's Modern Rock Tracks chart. This 15th anniversary edition brings the album back to vinyl for the first time since its 2001 release. Like the original pressing, the album contains the bonus track "Hiro's Song," only available on the Japanese CD and US vinyl releases.

• Limited Edition 180g 2LP-set from ORG Music
• 15th anniversary pressing
• First time on vinyl since the original 2001 release
• Includes bonus track "Hiro's Song," only available on Japanese CD & US vinyl editions

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  1. Annie Waits
  2. Zak And Sara
  3. Still Fighting It
  4. Gone
  5. Fred Jones Part 2
  6. The Ascent Of Stan
  7. Losing Lisa
  8. Carrying Cathy
  9. Not The Same
  10. Hiro's Song
  11. Rockin' The Suburbs
  12. Fired
  13. The Luckiest

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