Pastilla - Sentidos Saturados CD + Download


Pastilla - Sentidos Saturados CD + Download

  • Sentidos Saturados CD
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    Sentidos Saturados is the sixth studio album from alternative rock band, Pastilla. The album was first released as a limited edition cassette via Burger Records, and is now getting its wide release in the US on CD and digitally. With nearly 20 years of playing under their belt, Pastilla is sounding better than ever.

  1. Amantes En Friccion
  2. Ayer y Hoy
  3. Control
  4. Each Other
  5. Herido
  6. Junto a mi
  7. No Me Dejes Caer
  8. Nube
  9. Particula H
  10. Pienso
  11. Sad
  12. Sentidos Saturados
  13. Siempre
  14. Ya No Siento

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