Canto Secondo CD + LP Bundle

Il Sogno Del Marinaio      

Canto Secondo CD + LP Bundle

This Bundle includes both CD & Black LP

Avant-garde punk legend and former Minutemen bassist Mike Watt is back with a second album from his latest project, Il Sogno Del Marinaio (translated as “The Sailor’s Dream”), a collaboration with Italian musicians Stefano Pilia and Andrea Belfi. The album, Canto Secondo, was recorded over eight days last December in Bologna, Italy’s Vacuum Studio.

Vinyl includes a free digital download of the entire album.

  1. Animal Farm Tango
  2. Alain
  3. Nanos' Waltz
  4. Skinny Cat
  5. Mountain Top
  6. Il Sogno Del Fienile
  7. Auslander
  8. Stucazz?!!
  9. Sailor Blues
  10. Us In Their Land

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