S/T White LP

Yellow Red Sparks      

S/T White LP

Produced by Ted Hutt & Yellow Red Sparks. Mixed by Ryan Hewitt. Mastered by Brian Lucey. Pressed on high quality, European vinyl. LP includes digital download of the entire album. White color vinyl limited to 100 copies

  1. Buy Me Honey
  2. My Machine Gun
  3. Happiness Comes In A Box
  4. To Love And Loathe
  5. Yellow Red Sparks
  6. Mr. Wonderful
  7. Monsters With Misdemeanors
  8. A Play To End All Plays
  9. Scents And Sensibility
  10. A Buffalo
  11. Hope On A Rope

ORG Music ID: 160748 Catalog ID: 2294 SKU: YRS01097WH-LP00 Created: 6/14/2013


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