Mike Watt + The Missingmen      

Mike Watt + The Missingmen / The Chuck Dukowski Sextet Split White 7"

Pressed on high quality European vinyl. White color vinyl edition limited to 100 pieces.

This split 7” combines two of punk rock’s most iconic bass players, both with their current bands.

Mike Watt & The Missingmen cover Roky Erickson’s "Sweet Honey Pie”, live at the Globen in Stockholm, Sweden on December 11, 2006.

The Chuck Dukowski SEXTET re-recorded the Black Flag classic, “My War”, this year on Chuck’s birthday, February 1st. “My War” was recorded in one take with no overdubs, all analog.

  1. Mike Watt + The Missingmen - Sweet Honey Pie
  2. The Chuck Dukowski Sextet - My War

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